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Start accepting crypto at your business
Start accepting crypto at your business

Learn how to start accepting bitcoin, bitcoin cash, and other cryptocurrencies in store or online

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Accepting cryptocurrencies for e-commerce

When your customers come to checkout on your e-commerce website, you can give them the option to pay with crypto. This is done using a payment gateway which you’ll add to your website. The payment gateway will automatically calculate how much of a given cryptocurrency is owed for the items in your customer’s basket. Then, instead of being asked to enter credit card details for the payment, your customer will see a cryptocurrency address in text form or QR code form. The customer will send the correct amount of cryptocurrency to this address and the payment gateway service will either transfer the cryptocurrency directly to you (the merchant) or convert it to the currency of your choice.

Accepting cryptocurrencies for in-store payments

Whether you’re a restaurant, cafe, or retail store, you can give your customers the option to pay with cryptocurrencies using your existing devices (e.g. tablets, smartphones). Rather than taking payment through cash or a credit card, you’ll use a point-of-sale app to take payment in crypto. The app will be downloaded to your device and, when customers are ready to pay, you’ll simply enter the amount owed (in your local currency) on the app. The point-of-sale app will then automatically calculate how much crypto is owed and a QR code will be generated on the screen of your device. Finally, you’ll show this QR code to the customer who will scan it using their own wallet app.

Note: cryptocurrencies with low transaction fees and high transaction speed like Bitcoin Cash are ideal for point-of-sale payments.

When will I receive the payment?

It depends on the cryptocurrency you're accepting for payment and whether you're opting to receive the cryptocurrency directly or convert it to a local currency first. For example, with Bitcoin Cash (BCH), the money will be with you in a few seconds. If you’ve chosen to convert your BCH into a local currency, in most cases the money will land in your business bank account by the next working day.

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