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Exporting Legacy Wallets With Passwords
Exporting Legacy Wallets With Passwords

Exporting Legacy Wallets With Passwords

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The old Wallet supported adding an additional password on your 12 word mnemonic. As of Wallet 6.0, we no longer support this format. Mobile users who had this wallet in their device have two options for retrieving their funds.

  1. Download the Wallet for Mac, Windows, or Linux.

  2. Export legacy wallet file.

It is recommended to use the latest version of the Wallet app to safely and easily send, receive, buy, sell, trade, and manage the most popular cryptocurrencies.

Table of contents

Import that wallet to desktop wallet

Download the Wallet for Mac, Windows, or Linux. 

  1. Tap the + symbol in the top right corner of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) or Bitcoin (BTC). 

  2. Tap Import Wallet

  3. Enter your 12 word recovery phrase

  4. Tap “show advanced settings”

  5. Input the password you used when you created that wallet

  6. Tap Import

  7. Your funds are now accessible. 

To continue using the Wallet for iOS or Android, please send those funds to a new wallet created using the new version of the App.

Export Legacy Wallet File (Advanced)

If the first option fails to work, you will be required to perform an advanced migration using Electron Cash.

  1. Tap settings

  2. Tap Export legacy wallet 

  3. This will create a profile file to your old wallet

  4.  Migrate that file to your computer as securely as possible (we recommend usb connection)

  5. Install a desktop wallet with BIP39 passphrase (Electron Cash)

  6. Open the Profile file in a text editor and search for `mnemonic`

  7. Open Electron Cash

  8. File > New/Restore

  9. Click next then select Standard Wallet

  10. Select “I already have a seed”

  11. Type or paste in your mnemonic

  12. Click on Options and then enable both BIP39 seed and Extend this seed with custom words (aka 'passphrase') and then click OK

  13. Note their warning, click next if Checksum is OK

  14. Enter your password and then click next  

  15. Change Derivation to m/44'/0'/0' and then click next 

  16. Choosing a password is not required (this is not related to creating the wallet) 

  17. Click next

  18. A new window will show up and your funds will be available

What if I don’t remember my password? does not store passwords. They are kept only on your device. There is no way to reset the password. If the user doesn’t remember their password they may be able to recover their funds using the local xpriv. Contact our support team and we may be able to guide you through that process.

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