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How do I delete my wallet/account?
How do I delete my wallet/account?

Learn how to delete your Wallet app and Account

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How to delete a specific wallet in the Wallet app

You can remove the display of any wallets within your Wallet app. Here's how:

  1. Select the asset type. (Eg. Bitcoin BTC).

  2. Select the wallet (Eg. My BTC Wallet).

  3. Tap the hamburger menu (3 dots) at the top right of the wallet info screen.

  4. Select Delete this wallet then enter the name of the wallet you want to delete (Eg. My BTC Wallet).

Please note that removing the display of a wallet in the app does not actually remove the existence of the wallet address from the blockchain. For any wallet that you've "deleted" you can import it again as long as you have your automated cloud backup master password or the 12-word seed phrase for that wallet. Please read this guide on how to recover (import) cryptocurrency wallets in the Wallet app.

How to delete the Wallet app

To delete the Wallet app simply uninstall it from your device. Before uninstalling, make sure you either:

A) Withdraw all your funds to other cryptocurrency addresses you control, or

B) Save your automated cloud backup master password or your seed phrases for each of your wallets. The latter will enable you to access and manage your funds if you reinstall the Wallet app in the future. It will also enable you to import your wallets to other cryptocurrency wallet apps/software. Please read this guide for more details on backing up your wallets in the Wallet app.

How to delete/remove your account and associated data

If you've created a account and want to delete it, please follow these steps:

1. Go to settings

2. Select your email at the top

3. Select the option to delete your account

You will be requested to complete a Data Subject Access Request Form and confirm the deletion of your account. Once confirmed, your email and userID will be removed from our records.

Please note that if you have purchased or sold cryptocurrency via the Wallet app or via's website, you may have also have gone through a KYC process. You may have also created an account with a third-party service that facilitates transactions between local currencies (eg. US dollars) and cryptocurrencies. To remove your account with those third-party services, you will need to contact them directly. The third-party services used by include:

How to disable anonymous usage data sharing

  1. Go to settings > app preferences > privacy

  2. Ensure "Share anonymous usage data" is deselected.

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