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Send Multisig via Electron Cash
Send Multisig via Electron Cash

In case of needing to broadcast and sign the transaction with Electron Cash if Desktop wallet is down

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Step-by-step instructions to send multisig via Electron Cash

1. Export multi-sig seeds

2. Open Electron Cash > File > New

3. Give your wallet a name

4. Select Multi-sig wallet

5. Input the correct number of multi-sig copayers. If you don't know this, open the Wallet app, tap into your multisig, tap ⚙️ the Gear icon in the top right corner. More Options > Wallet Information and look for Wallet Configuration m-n. If it shows 2-2 then ensure 2 of 2 is selected in Electron

6. Add cosigner 1 of n - Hit next and Import your Seeds. Select "I already have a seed"

7. Before typing your seeds tap "Options" and ✅ Check Bip39 seed

8. Change 145 to 0 in derivation. See screenshot

9. Copy and save your master pub key. xpub6BkvfPRGseHpXnZW1CS6uezmZkEVcSjksCiGbp2HAU3zTPi3Cs4WiyjkHJGSeaLDuda5qep23sQEtNXWsGx3Efn2umQuFJKagppNZiNFhnF

10. Add Cosigner 2 of n - Select enter cosigner key

11. Open the Wallet app, and open the multi-sig wallet. Tap ⚙️ the Gear icon in the top right corner. More Options > Wallet Information > Copy the copayer id's that DO NOT MATCH the one you copied in the previous step. Those are the other participants that need to be added. In my case, I'm selecting Copayer 0 as this wallet was created not by me, and copying that. Compare the last 4 digits to verify xpub6BzXHPSGHvw9i2ZwWHaHoVzF9ufHrDoYD7y7EjfuA4ic1Zb2uYC6i4nMePmE3f8rPoxArNhpYCsTzfHnGPM9z6CKfam3B2vr6anBXqmnfRH

12. Back on Electron Cash paste that xpub in

13. Password protect your wallet if you'd like, or skip this step

14. Congratulations, your wallet should begin syncing, it may take some time to sync up so be patient

15. After it's fully synced, you can perform a send transaction

16. A popup with your transaction details will show up. You will have to share this partially signed transaction with the copayer to complete for the transaction to be fully broadcasted

Tapping Send to cosigner will attempt to notify the recipient to sign the transaction. If the copay

Tap Save to save a copy of the unsigned transaction

17. Send the saved file to the cosigner who needs to complete the transaction. And let them know to sign and broadcast the transaction.

For support with Electron Cash try

Cosigner - I received a file and need to sign and send a transaction

1. Follow steps 1-15 above

2. Open Electron Cash > Tap Tools from the menu > Tap Load transaction > From File

3. Select the file you received from the Cosigner when they asked you to sign the transaction

4. Tap Sign to sign the transaction

5. If you are the final cosigner (2 of 2), you may hit Broadcast to attempt to send the transaction.

6. If there are other participants that must sign, tap Send to Cosigner and Save a new copy of the file to share with the next cosigner.

For support with Electron Cash try

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