First of all, we suggest downloading wallet - If you are not familiar with, don't hesitate to check our Wallet FAQ - here. Please also review our Getting started article on how to send and receive Bitcoins/tokens in the wallet - here.

Step 1 - Transfering your SLP funds
First, you should transfer all of the SLP tokens that you want to keep to the Wallet. You have to do SLP first because if you move BCH first you won’t have enough 'gas' (funds to pay for transaction fee) to move the SLP tokens. Tap 'Receive' on your BCH wallet in the Wallet app, tap 'SLP'. Then tap the 'QR' to copy the SLP address. Share this to yourself via email or instant messenger. You’ll need this address to move funds from your Badger wallet.

Step 2 - Transfer your BCH

After you have moved all of your SLP tokens you can then move the leftover BCH to your Wallet. Open your Wallet and tap your BCH wallet. Tap 'Receive' tap 'QR' to copy the BCH address. Share that to yourself by email or instant messenger if you’re sending it from the desktop wallet. Or just copy and open the mobile Badger wallet. Open the Badger wallet and send max BCH to the BCH address you copied in the previous step. Congratulations, your funds are all successfully moved to the Wallet

Please don't use 12 words seed phrase for backup. Badger wallet seeds do not work with Wallet because the funds live on a different derivation path. If you try to import badger seeds to it will show up as a 0.00 balance.

If you still have questions, don't hesitate to contact our support team at or send an email to

Thank you!

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