Verse Clicker FAQ

Learn about the addictive free-to-play clicking game in's Verse ecosystem.

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Verse Clicker is a free-to-play game. Click for points, spend points within the game to purchase upgrades. Hold and use VERSE within the Verse ecosystem to get exclusive bonuses and dominate the leaderboard! Prizes are available during limited-time campaigns, which are offered from time to time.

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What is Verse Clicker?

Verse Clicker is an interactive game that involves clicking to earn points, similar to "Cookie Clicker" and "Adventure Capitalist." There are currently two versions of the game, one that lives on the Ethereum blockchain, the other living on the Polygon blockchain. The bonuses vary between the two versions of the game. There are also limited-time Verse Clicker campaigns, where prizes are awarded to the players who accumulate the most points during the campaign period.

How to play Verse Clicker

  1. Access Verse Clicker in the Wallet app via Verse Explorer, or on the web at

  2. Connect your web3 wallet such as the Wallet.

  3. Click on the VERSE “moon” image to get points. The more you click, the more points you receive.

  4. Spend points to unlock upgrades.

  5. Unlock boosts by holding VERSE and using VERSE within the Verse ecosystem.

Is Verse Clicker a free game to play?

Yes, Verse Clicker is free to play. You can use VERSE to unlock bonuses.

What is Wallet Connect (WC) and why do I need it to play Verse Clicker?

Wallet Connect (WC) is a protocol that allows you to connect your web3 wallet such as the Wallet to the game. Your points and bonuses are associated with your connected wallet. You may connect different wallets to start a new game.

How do I earn points in Verse Clicker?

Start earning points by clicking on the large VERSE icon. Spend points on upgrades that increase your points per click as well as your rate of automatic points production. You can also earn bonus points by holding VERSE and using VERSE within the Verse ecosystem.

What is VERSE, and how can I use it to boost my score?

VERSE is the ecosystem and rewards token of You can use VERSE to boost your score by:

  • Holding VERSE

  • Depositing VERSE-ETH LP tokens into Verse Farms

  • Contributing VERSE to the Verse Burn Engine.

  • Claiming a scratch & win prize you have won in Verse Scratcher.

Please refer to the in-game options to learn about the effects of each bonus.

Can I see how I compare to other players in Verse Clicker?

Yes, there is a global leaderboard where you can track your progress in realtime and compare it with other players.

Can I play Verse Clicker on mobile devices?

Yes, Verse Clicker is accessible on both desktop and mobile devices.

Can I play Verse Clicker without an internet connection?

No, Verse Clicker requires an internet connection and a connected web3 wallet.

Do points have any monetary value?

Points earned in the Verse Clicker do not have any monetary value. However, there will be rewards for top players during campaign mode.

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