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What is Verse Staking and how to stake VERSE
What is Verse Staking and how to stake VERSE

Learn about's mechanism to reward long-term holders of VERSE

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Verse Staking is a mechanism to reward long-term holders of VERSE with additional VERSE tokens. Users who stake (deposit) their VERSE tokens in the staking smart contract are programmatically rewarded with VERSE tokens.


Why should stake my VERSE?

Instead of holding VERSE in your wallet, you can stake your VERSE in the Verse Staking smart contract to earn rewards.

What are the rewards for Verse Staking?

At the time of writing, rewards were 5.25% APY. Please check the Verse Staking page for the most up-to-date rate.

Is there a penalty for withdrawing my staked VERSE?

There is no penalty for withdrawing staked VERSE, and you can withdraw at any time.

Is VERSE staking safe?

The VERSE Staking contract has been audited by Certik here:

You may review our other security audits here:

How are Verse Farms and Verse Staking different?

Verse Farms are designed to incentivize market participants to add liquidity to pools on Verse DEX. Liquidity is essential for enabling decentralized trading. Contributors to liquidity pools must deposit equal amounts of two assets, exposing these market participants to the risk of impermanent loss. Verse Farms rewards help to offset this risk.
Verse Staking, which is designed to reward long-term holders of VERSE, requires depositing only a single asset, VERSE, meaning there is no risk of impermanent loss.

Read more about Verse Farms here.

Step-by-step instructions to stake VERSE

Here's how to stake VERSE using the Wallet app:

  1. In your mobile browser, head over to and connect your Wallet.

  2. Hit the Stake VERSE button, enter the amount to stake, then press Confirm Deposit.

  3. Confirm the transaction in your Wallet and you’re done!

Staking rewards will accrue automatically and you can withdraw at any time without penalty.

For more information on Verse DEX, including step-by-step instructions, please see this article.

How to claim Verse Staking rewards

  1. In your mobile browser, head over to and connect your Wallet. You must connect the same wallet you used to stake VERSE.

  2. Hit the Claim Rewards button and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

And that's it!

Where do the Verse Staking rewards come from?

Verse Staking rewards come from the Verse Ecosystem Incentives program. Specifically, 35% of the Verse token supply is allocated to rewards distributed via staking, yield farming, airdrops, and other mechanisms. Tokens are made available to the incentives program linearly and on a block-by-block basis over 7 years, although their distribution is managed by the team. The purpose of the program is to widely distribute VERSE and incentivize community growth in a sustainable and value-adding way. Please refer to our white paper here.

What is APY?

APY stands for annual percentage yield. It is a way to calculate interest earned on an investment that includes the effects of compound interest. Read more about this here.

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