Resources and tools for developers to build on’s ecosystem token VERSE and the Verse DEX

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What is Verse?

VERSE is the rewards and utility token for the ecosystem. For more information on Verse and how it fits into, this primer is good place to start. Other resources include the Verse Official blog and the Verse white paper, which can be found here.

VERSE is an ERC-20 token that lives on the Ethereum public blockchain. is dedicated to ensuring that VERSE has wide utility for everyday people, which is why VERSE will be integrated across low-fee chains.

What is Verse DEX?’s decentralized exchange Verse DEX is derived from the battle tested Uniswap V2 contract, and has been audited by a third-party smart contract auditor. Verse DEX is available on Ethereum and SmartBCH blockchains, but is continuously expanding onto low-fee, high transaction speed blockchains.

Developer resources

For developers looking to build on or integrate VERSE token or the Verse DEX, you can refer to the links below. Please reach out via our support channels if you have any questions.

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