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I can't send shareable links
I can't send shareable links
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If you are facing difficulties with sending a Shareable Link, you can check out the details below to resolve this.

Steps to resolve problems sending Shareable Links

Please check:

  1. If you have adblocker or VPN try disabling it.

  2. Manually check the following settings:

    1. Tap on 'Settings.'

    2. Then tap 'Connections.'

    3. Go to 'More connections' (near the bottom).

    4. Check 'VPN' (if one is listed there set it to none or remove it, this may block access to the shareable links).

    5. Check 'Private DNS' (this is right underneath VPN and should be set to none).

For detailed information and videos, please refer to What are "Shareable Links?" article.

If you are still having trouble please contact support by clicking the chat box in the bottom-right corner of the page. Or you can send us a message to

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