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How to send BCH (Bitcoin Cash) by email, SMS, iMessage, or through 3rd party chat and social apps
How to send BCH (Bitcoin Cash) by email, SMS, iMessage, or through 3rd party chat and social apps

Quick guide you on how you will be able to send your BCH by email, SMS, iMessage, or to any 3rd party chat and social media apps.

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How to send BCH by Email

  • Open the app

  • Tap your BCH wallet

  • Tap send and select your Imported Contacts or Saved Emails from your Phone contacts

  • Enter amount to send and include a message to be seen by your receiver

  • Slide to send and you will be getting a pop up where you will be able to view the email that you will be sending the BCH to.

  • The receiver will be able to see the same email from the Email Preview and Claim the Funds.

Note: The receiver will be needing to download the wallet app in order to claim the funds.

How to send by Whatsapp, Chat Apps, or Social Media Apps

  • Open the app

  • Tap your BCH wallet

  • Tap Send

  • Tap “Shareable link”

  • Enter the amount to send

  • Share dialogue will open, select the app on your phone you want to send this money to, be sure to select the appropriate conversation. (Telegram, iMessage, Whatsapp, or Any Social Media apps)

Note: Be careful where you are going to send the Shareable Link. Always remember anyone who taps this link can claim the money by clicking the claim button.

  • You can add a personal note after sending it to track your sent BCH

Sent BCH to Whatsapp, Chat Apps, or Social Media Apps will look like this

The receiver just needs to tap the link to claim the funds and will automatically go directly to their Wallet app.

Sent BCH via Shareable link will be looking like this after sending it. So that you can determine if funds were directly sent to a wallet address or via Shareable link.

You can tap the transaction to check the status of the sent Link or Copy the generated Link if you wish to send it again.

How to claim BCH from a link

  • Tap the link you received

  • The App will open and automatically claim the funds

  • If you don’t have the app, you will be sent to the app store to install it. After opening the app will claim the funds. If funds don’t show up try tapping the link again

  • If the funds have already been claimed by someone else tapping the link, or by the sender reclaiming the funds, you will be notified

How to reclaim the BCH from a previously sent to Email, Social Media, Chat, etc

  • If the recipient has not claimed the funds yet, you have the ability to reclaim the funds

  • Simply tap into the wallet that sent the funds

  • Tap the recent transaction in your list called “Sent via link”

  • Tap “Check Status” - if the funds have been claimed by the recipient, a checkmark will show up. If the funds have not been claimed you will be asked if you would like to reclaim the funds

Funds will be reclaimed after clicking the Reclaim button

  • By reclaiming your funds, the original recipient of the link will be notified that the funds have already been claimed.

  • This feature is great if you are sending a small amount to friends that might be interested in Bitcoin Cash. If they don’t deposit the funds into their wallet, you can reclaim and regift it to a new friend.

What are the fees associated with this method?

  • does not charge any fees to send cryptocurrency. Please note though that the Miners who secure your transactions into blocks do charge fees to validate your transaction. On BCH that fee is less than 1/20th of a penny. On BTC it is often considerably more - see for more information on the price of fees from miners.

  • Please note that this feature is currently only available for Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

For more information please contact or hit the chat icon on the bottom right part of the page.

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