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Sending Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Sending Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
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To send your Bitcoin Cash (BCH) out of your Wallet please follow the steps below:

  1. First, tap on "Send" to take you to the recipient page.

  2. Now enter the bitcoin address you want to send BCH to (please note if you a sending BCH to a "legacy" address starting with a 1 or 3, double-check what currency you have to send, as recovery is not always possible. You should never send BCH to a BTC address or vice-versa).

  3. Once you have entered the address you want to send to, you will be shown all of your sub-wallets. Just select the sub-wallet that you wish to send from, and the wallet will proceed to the "Enter Amount" screen.

  4. Accurately enter the amount you want to send and tap on "Next".
    You can swap between fiat and crypto by tapping on the "up/down" arrows next to the amount.

  5. The fee will now be calculated and a page displayed showing you details of the transaction you are about to send.
    Please double-check that the amount and address you are about to send BCH to is accurate; if everything is correct just swipe to send. (If you have a spending password set you will have to enter that now)

If you wish to add a note to the transaction, you can do so on this page just by tapping on "Add Note"

Please note that because transactions on the bitcoin (BTC/BCH) network cannot be reversed it is always recommended that you copy and paste bitcoin addresses rather than typing them, and always double-check that the address you pasted is correct. does not have access to your private keys and, therefore, we have no control over funds in your wallet or any transactions made.

You can also check the article below on how you will be able to send BCH (Bitcoin Cash) by email, SMS, iMessage, or through 3rd party chat and social apps

For more information, you can contact or click the chat icon on the bottom right part for assistance.

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