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Getting Started Wallet Tutorial — Shareable Links Wallet Tutorial — Shareable Links

Get Familiar with your Wallet: Shareable Links are the easiest way to send & receive crypto

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In the last article we looked at ways to send and receive cryptocurrency. In this article, we'll introduce Shareable Links, which can be used to send and receive Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Shareable Links are the easiest way to send crypto that even complete crypto novices can understand. This makes them a great way to introduce cryptocurrency to friends a family.

With Shareable Links, a sender doesn’t need to know the recipient’s crypto address (e.g., 0xb794f5ea0ba39494ce839613fffba74279579268) or human readable domains like ENS (e.g., vitalik.eth).

Instead, you send the recipient a link via any messaging app (email, Whatsapp, SMS, etc.). The recipient clicks on the link and follows the instructions to receive the payment.

Shareable Links currently only work with Bitcoin Cash (BCH). If you don’t have any in your wallet, buy or swap for some.

How to Send a Shareable Link in the Wallet App

  1. From the home screen, tap "SEND."

  2. Select Bitcoin Cash as the asset to send.

  3. Select "Shareable Link" as the sending method.

  4. Enter the amount to send (you can enter the amount in either local currency or Bitcoin Cash).

  5. Review the transaction, then slide the arrow to confirm.

Select the method for sending the link. You can choose from any of the apps on your phone. For example, if you select WhatsApp, you'll be prompted to choose from your WhatsApp contacts. The contact you select will receive a clickable link in the chat. You also have the option to include a personal message.

How to Receive a Shareable Link with the Wallet App

If the recipient doesn’t already have the Wallet installed, they’ll be prompted to download it when they click the Shareable Link. Once the app is installed, they’ll be able to claim the money instantly.

  1. Open the app your link was sent to.

  2. Tap or click the link.

And that's it! Now you can send and receive crypto via any messaging app.

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