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Get Familiar with your Wallet: Swap is a crypto super power

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In the last article, we learned about the concept of wallets, how to create them in the app, and what you can do with them. In this article we will learn how to swap between hundreds of cryptocurrencies in just a few taps.

Crypto swapping allows people to easily trade one cryptoasset for another without needing to go through trusted third parties, like in traditional finance.

How to Swap Crypto in the Wallet App

To swap in the Wallet, simply tap on the “Swap” icon, which is featured on the home screen and in individual asset views:

We are going to swap by building upon work we’ve done in previous articles. To proceed from here, make sure you have completed those articles. You can access the full list of tutorials here. Also, you will need to have some crypto in your wallet order to swap. If you don’t have any crypto, buy some using this article.

Let’s go to the Discovery tab (by tapping on the globe icon at the bottom of the home screen). Previously we populated the Favorites list with 4 or 5 cryptoassets in addition to the default three:

Tap on one of the assets you wish to swap into or out of. This will open up the Asset view. Press the “Swap” icon:

This will open up a Swap view. From the left drop-down menu, select the asset you wish to swap from. For this example, we're going to select ETH:

For this swap, we want to hold the new asset (VERSE, in this case) for a long-term investment. So, let’s change the receiving wallet to “Long-term holdings” (to learn how to create new wallets, please see this tutorial). Tap the right wallet text and select the “Long-term holdings” wallet. This will swap ETH in “My ETH wallet” for VERSE in “Long-term holdings.”

Next, choose a dollar amount to swap, or switch to the token amount by pressing the up-and-down arrows icon. You can also use the handy percent amounts in the bottom half of the screen to easily choose an amount to swap. Look over the order. Then, when you are ready, press the “REVIEW SWAP” button:

And that's it! Now you know how to swap between any of the assets supported in the Wallet.

This article is part of the Wallet Tutorials Series, which is designed to get you up to speed on the app and its features. Read the next article in the series:

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