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Get familiar with your Wallet: Check out the crypto markets

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In the last article, we looked at the 4 default assets every Wallet comes with. In this article we will look at the assets in the broader crypto market.

How to Access the Crypto Markets in the Wallet App

To start, tap on the “Discovery” icon at the bottom of the screen:

This opens the Markets view:

You can see your favorite assets, which defaults to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash. We’ll add a couple more to this list in a bit.

Check out other views of the crypto market with the “All,” “Top movers (24h)” and “Supported” tabs, as well as by using the search bar.

  • All: Every cryptoasset sorted by market cap, or the total value of the asset.

  • Top movers (24h): Cryptoassets sorted by the ones with the biggest percent change, positive or negative, in the past twenty four hours.

  • Supported: Every cryptoasset that the Wallet can hold, sorted by market cap.

Let’s use the search bar to find VERSE, the rewards and utility token of Type “VERSE” in the search bar, then tap Verse in the search results:

Let’s add VERSE to our favorites by tapping the star icon in the top right corner:

Next, under “Supported,” scroll down to “Polygon,” tap it to open up the Asset view and add it to Favorites too. Polygon, or MATIC as the token is also called, is the network token for a layer-2 solution that makes transactions faster and cheaper.

Repeat this process two or three times with any cryptoassets that catch your interest:

Add cryptoassets to your Favorites to easily track their progress. For assets that the wallet doesn’t support, please use the “Request Asset” button in the Asset View:

That completes the overview of "Markets."

This article is part of the Wallet Tutorials Series, which is designed to get you up to speed on the app and its features. Read the next article in the series:

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at or by tapping on the green chat icon in the bottom-right corner, and we will respond as soon as we can.

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