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How to clean up your wallet with too many UTXOS / Wallet Inputs
How to clean up your wallet with too many UTXOS / Wallet Inputs

If you are unable to send your funds or getting an error for could not broadcast payment / showing insufficient funds.

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This happens if your wallet has a ton of small transactions or UXTOs (Unspent Transaction Output).

In other words, the size of your Bitcoin transaction is too large to be accepted by the BCH or BTC network.

We can resolve this by sending smaller transactions to a secondary wallet. This allows you to consolidate various UTXOS’s until they are large enough to send the consolidated funds

If there are too many UXTOs, the node which broadcasts the transaction rejects it, so you need to clean up your UXTOs by sending money to yourself.

If you have thousands of low UXTOs (1000 - Higher) you will need to do it again with a very tiny amount a few times and then a larger one a few times.

Similar to when you have a real life wallet filled with too many pennies, and you need to spend it. But the store won’t accept it until you change your pennies for bills.

How to resolve:

  1. Create a new wallet inside wallet called “Cleaned up wallet”.

    1. Tap "+ ADD/IMPORT" Button from the wallet's home page.
    2. Select "Add new personal wallet".
    3. From the dropdown select which type of wallet you are trying to add, select Bitcoin Cash for BCH and Bitcoin for BTC.
    4. Enter the name of the wallet and tap create wallet.)

  2. Open your wallet with the funds you're unable to send out, then send $0.50-$5 to your newly added wallet.

    (If you want to move your Bitcoins between your wallets, select 'My wallets' in the 'Send' section of your app, select "My Wallets" and then tap the wallet where you want to move the funds from your other wallets.)

  3. Repeat this several times until you have moved all the small funds into the new wallet. You can experiment with sending more than $5 per send, it all depends on how many UTXOS to make up the transaction.

How to identify if your wallet has too many UTXOS?

  • Tap your wallet (BCH / BTC wallet)

  • Tap […] - the three dots in top-right corner

  • Tap Wallet information

  • Scroll to bottom and look at UTXOS / Total Wallet Inputs

  • If you’re utxo count is > 1000 it’s possible that you have multiple transactions.

  • You may also have a wallet with high UTXO count if you are sending with BCH and fees are > $0.10

Please also check how to get started in sending bitcoins here.

For more details, contact or click the chat icon on the bottom right part of this page.

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