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Importing/adding a wallet
Importing/adding a wallet
Learn how to restore a wallet from a backup
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In the event you lose or break your device, you can restore access to your wallets by entering your automatic backup master password or by entering your manual back up secret pass phrases.

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Restoring/importing your wallets from cloud backup

If you backed up your wallets using the automated backup via Google/Apple cloud option, you just need to enter the master password you created when you backed up your wallets. Here’s the process:

If you’ve already installed the app and progressed to the app’s home screen without restoring your wallets from cloud backup, here’s the process for restoring from cloud backup:

  1. From the app’s home screen tap on Settings.

  2. Select Backup & Security

  3. If you haven’t already, sign in to either your Google or Apple account (depending on which service you previously uploaded your back up to)

  4. Enter the master password you created when you backed up your Wallet (this will decrypt the encrypted file stored in your Google/Apple cloud).

That’s it! You’ve successfully restored access to all of your wallets and funds in the Wallet.

Manual Backup

You can add any supported wallets you've previously backed up by entering the 12-word passphrase for each wallet.

  1. From the home screen, tap the Add/Import button.

  2. Select "IMPORT WALLET"

  3. In the "Recovery Phrase" tab, choose the wallet type you'd like to import (Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, or Ethereum).

  4. Enter the 12-word recovery phrase or, if you've backed up your wallet in QR-code form, you can scan the code.

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