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I want to remove my cloud backup
I want to remove my cloud backup
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Using the automated cloud backup is the best choice for the vast majority of users, but there are reasons to stop using it. In this article we briefly describe what cloud backup is, its benefits, some reasons you might need to cease using it, and how to delete cloud backup from your cloud storage provider.

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What is cloud backup?

Cloud backup is a secure way to self-custody your crypto while protecting yourself from losing your data from the many ways it can become inaccessible. For example, theft of your device, lost seed phrase, hardware memory corruption, and virus. Cloud backup also enables you to easily restore all your wallets with a just few clicks. This makes migrating your Wallet to a new device or multiple devices quick and painless.

Cloud backup uses an encrypted file, called “,” based on the same cryptographic technology that underpins blockchain. The only way to decrypt and access the contents of is through a password you specify. The encrypted cloud backup file is placed on a third-party cloud storage service provided by Apple or Google. Even if an adversary were to get a hold of the file, they wouldn’t be able to access its contents.

For the vast majority of people automated cloud backup is advisable, especially considering all of the protection and convenience it affords.

The alternative to using the automated cloud backup is to manually record the 12-word recovery phrase for each of your wallets. If you have several wallets - like a Bitcoin wallet, a Bitcoin Cash wallet, an Ethereum wallet, and an Avalanche wallet - you’ll need to manage the recovery phrase for each of those wallets.

Why stop using cloud backup?

However, there are reasons you might wish to stop using the automated cloud backup. For those who want maximum privacy, having a crypto wallet file on a third-party service like Apple or Google might be a problem. For example, a government or organization might be able to identify you as a crypto user by the fact that exists. Or, you might wish to stop using a cloud storage provider and thus thoroughly delete your data on that service.

To delete your cloud backup, please carefully follow the steps below.

How to remove your cloud backup file from your cloud storage provider

Before deleting your cloud back up, please be absolutely certain that you have your 12-word recovery phrase written down, as this is the only possible way to regain access to that wallet should anything happen to it or the device it is stored on.

To find your 12-word recovery phrases, please see this article.

Apple iCloud for iOS users is stored as app data in iCloud, but is not accessible as a file through the iCloud Drive file system. This means you’ll need to delete all the files related to the Wallet app that are stored in your iCloud. Here’s how:

  1. Go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud > Manage Storage > Backups > [device] (eg. my iPhone).

  2. Tap the toggle then confirm by selecting “Turn Off & Delete.” You’re done!

If you wish, you can start over with a fresh login to the Wallet app, create a new file with secure password and restore wallets from the recovery phrase.

Google Drive

  1. Login to your Google Drive account through You can only access backup files through the desktop version. If you are using a mobile browser, access the desktop version by pressing the hamburger menu button in the top left, then tapping, “Desktop Version.”

  2. Click on the settings icon near the top right corner, then click “Settings” from the menu.

  3. On the lefthand side, select, “Manage Apps.”

  4. Locate, “ Wallet” from the list of apps.

  5. Under the “OPTIONS” button, select “Delete hidden app data.” After that you can also click, “Disconnect from Drive,” to make sure the Wallet can’t add data back to Drive.

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