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Purchasing Bitcoin and cryptocurrency
I just bought Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency and I still don't see it in my wallet
I just bought Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency and I still don't see it in my wallet

View average processing times for purchases of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the Wallet app.

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When you purchase Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency in the Wallet app or via our website it typically takes between 30 minutes to 2 hours for the funds to arrive in your wallet. In most cases the delay is due to your credit card provider or bank's process for settling the purchase.

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Processing times for purchases with a credit/debit card

If your purchase was made with credit/debit card, on average it may take between 30min - 2hrs to be processed and delivered, but can take longer if additional checks are required on your submitted identification documents or banking institution.

Please be aware: In periods of high demand or network congestion on the Bitcoin or other blockchain network, there may be further delays.

Processing times for purchases via bank transfer

If your purchase was made via Bank transfer (SEPA/GBP), it may take up to 3 days until your funds are wired and processed by your Bank.

Request for additional identity verification documents

Please make sure to check your email inbox (or spam inbox) to see if you have received an additional request to verify your identity. This will delay your transaction if not completed.

I logged into my bank and it is already showing a debit

If your bank is showing a debit but you have not yet received your cryptocurrency purchase, it is most likely because the transaction is still in process. In the rare event that the transaction is unable to go through, your purchase will be fully refunded.

How will I know when my funds arrive?

If you purchased within the Wallet app, you will receive a push notification on your device as soon as the purchased cryptocurrency arrives in your wallet. You will also be notified by email as to the status of the transaction. Additionally, you can check the status of your transaction by opening the app and tapping into the relevant wallet to view your list of transactions.

Can my purchase be rejected?

In some cases your purchase will fail either because your bank rejects the purchase or because you do not have enough funds. Please contact your bank by calling the number on the back of your card. Be sure that our third-party payment processor is authorized (Banxa, MoonPay, or Simplex depending on your region).

Purchases can also be rejected if you do not provide the required documents. If there is any issue with your personal verification, remember to check your email.

Please Note: Buy functionality on products and services are provided by third-party partners. If your transaction is still pending, or have any other issues regarding that service, please submit a ticket to the appropriate contact center.

If you have any other questions or issues - please contact our support team 😊

Thank you 🙏

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