Please double-check if you have made any of the following mistakes. It’s a mistake and slows your verification process.


  1. To enter your initials or a nickname. You should enter your real full name the way it’s stated in your ID;

  2. To enter your name, not in Latin characters;

Phone number

  1. To enter your phone number without the country code;

  2. Not to verify your phone number;


  1. To enter your address in the wrong format or not in Latin characters;

  2. To enter not the actual address that you cannot prove with a document;


  1. To select ‘yes’ for FATCA if you are not an American citizen that has a FATCA-related certificate. If you marked FATCA by mistake, please contact our support team


  1. To upload a copy of your ID, not the original document;

  2. To upload an edited scan; to crop or edit the photo in any way;

  3. To cover necessary information with your fingers, objects, or graphics;

  4. To upload an ID that expires in the next six months; to upload a damaged ID card;

  5. To upload another person’s document. Please, never do that.

Proof of address

  1. To upload a screenshot or a copy;

  2. To edit the picture in any way;

  3. To crop the image or to photograph only a part of the document. All four corners of the document should be visible;

  4. To upload a document that is older than three months (90 days);

  5. To upload a document that is addressed to another person, doesn’t contain your name;

  6. To upload a document that doesn’t include your full address;

  7. To upload a document that doesn’t contain the necessary information in Latin characters;

  8. To upload a document that is not a bank/credit card statement, utility bill, or tax invoice. In some cases, we accept government-issued residential certificates that contain the issuing authority’s seal and/or signature;

  9. To provide the same document that you have provided as your ID. You can use your driver’s license as your proof of address, but in this case, you will need to provide another ID;


  1. To take a selfie not holding your ID in your hand;

  2. To take a selfie holding another document in your hand. It would be best if you took the selfie with the same document that you have provided as your ID;

  3. To upload a selfie that has not been taken the day you upload it;

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