If you want to swap your Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to Bitcoin (BTC) or vice-versa, you can use the new Bitcoin.com Swap feature available in v 6.3.0+ for ios and android.

To access, you just need follow the easy steps below:

1.) From your Wallets home screen. Click the "Show more" link on the left side of the Buy bitcoin button. 

2.) It will direct you to the Markets home screen > Just click the "Swap" Button at the lower right part of the page.

3.) Just Select which Coins you want to swap (BCH to BTC or vice versa by tapping the Icon)

4.) Input the amount that you wish to trade in the field. (It is normally set under a different amount, you will just need to change it first).

Once done, Select the receiving wallet carefully. (Just click the drop down icon to select your wallets)

(If you have multiple wallets, you can tap on the Wallet to choose your destination/receiving wallet address)

5.) Click allow and confirm to Swap.
It will be directing you to a summary page where it will show you the breakdown of the Bitcoins that you want to Swap. (Make sure everything is in order before Swapping your Bitcoins.
6.) Slide to Send

Please note transfers are done in an instant or within the next few minutes. You will be notified in the Wallet inbox  🔔once the swap is finished. Note that BTC transactions often require 1 confirmation (~10mins)

If you require any additional assistance with Bitcoin.com Swap, contact our 3rd party swap provider Sideshift.ai for support. Please ensure you have your transaction ID ready.

For more information you can always check our FAQ page here or contact our support through wallet@bitcoin.com

If you are having trouble with the Bitcoin Swap, please check the link below:


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