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Setting up your wallet on multiple devices
Setting up your wallet on multiple devices
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The easiest way to set up access to your wallet on more than one device is by scanning the private key QR code to import it.

Please note that you will need to do this for each BCH/BTC sub-wallet within your wallet that you wish to access from your other device(s).

Once you have downloaded the wallet on your subsequent device(s), please follow the instructions below:
(Although this explains importing a BCH wallet, the steps are basically the same for BTC)

  1. Using your primary device (device 1), tap on the BCH wallet you to export. (If you want only this exact wallet on your other device(s), please delete the unused/default BCH & BTC sub-wallets on your subsequent device(s) after downloading the wallet.)

  2. Tap on the 'Settings' cog in the top right of your screen.

  3. Select "More options", then tap on "Export Wallet".

  4. Choose "QR Code" (if you have a spending password, you will have to enter that now to display the QR code).

Now open the wallet on your subsequent device (device 2) and follow the steps below:

  1. Tap on the "Scan" button.

  2. Scan the private key QR code of the wallet you wish to import.

  3. You should then see the 12-word backup phrase displayed. Make sure that you change the coin to BCH if needed, then tap on "Import". You will now have the same BCH wallet on another device.

Please note that if you want the wallet to have the same name on all devices, then you will have to re-name the new wallet after importing. This can easily be done in the setting menu of the wallet you just imported.
Just tap on the settings cog on the top right of the wallet you just imported, then select the first option "Name" to re-name your wallet accordingly.

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