How to receive ETH?

Easily receive Ethereum (ETH) into your Wallet app

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To receive Ethereum (ETH) in the Wallet app, simply provide the sender with your appropriate crypto address, which you can find in your cryptocurrency wallet.

Step-by-step instructions to receive Ethereum (ETH)

To receive ETH, simply provide the sender with your Ethereum address. Here's what a typical Ethereum address looks like:


You can copy your address to your clipboard and provide it to the sender by email, messaging app, SMS, etc. If you don't know what your Ethereum address is, here's how to find out:

  1. Starting from the Wallet app home screen, scroll through your digital assets and tap the wallet you want to receive to (eg. "My ETH wallet").

  2. Tap the "Receive" icon.

  3. Tap the clipboard icon to copy the address to your clipboard, then provide the sender with the copied address (by pasting it into an email or message and sending it to the sender). Alternatively, the sender can scan the QR code shown in your Wallet app. This will autofill your address in the sender's send field.

IMPORTANT: Sending digital assets to an address you don't control will likely result in the irreversible loss of your funds.

How do I know which Ethereum address to provide?

Your Wallet actually consists of multiple wallets, one for each of the blockchains we support. This means you have a BTC wallet, a BCH wallet, and an ETH wallet. Each of those wallets has its own address, so when you want to receive ETH, you'll need to provide the sender with your ETH wallet address. Further, for each digital asset, you can create as many wallets as you want. This may help you to organize your funds. For example, you can create one ETH wallet called "My ETH Savings," and another called "My ETH Trading Wallet."

Your ETH wallet, meanwhile, may contain several different digital assets. This is because the Ethereum network has many different assets or "tokens" living on it. These are known as ERC-20 tokens. Within your ETH wallet, you may have, for example, Tether (USDT) tokens that live on the Ethereum blockchain.

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