Please note that currently we only support listing of SmartBCH assets (SEP20) on the Verse DEX.

How to List:

    1. Make sure to provide the proper funding wallet address, new pools will only be visible for initial funding for this address.

  1. When your PR is accepted, you will be notified by the team that it is available to fund

  2. You can then fund your pool(s) via the "My Investments" section on

    1. We do not have a minimum liquidity requirement, however please note:

      1. Any pools with 0 balance will not be displayed as swappable

      2. Lower liquidity will be subject to high price impact. At the moment have a hard-coded slippage threshold of 1% for all trades, so lower liquidity pools will have lower maximum trade amounts. Read more about how price impact works here.

    2. Please be careful when depositing initial liquidity as you will have the freedom to set the base ratio. The ideal ratio should be the current market ratio for the pair (e.g. 1USDC:1USDT), or you will expose the pool to arbitrageurs.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us in the #verse-dex channel in the discord!

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