You can easily swap between any crypto-assets listed in the Wallet app. Just tap the "Swap" button on the home screen and follow the instructions.

Please see an instructional video here:

Swapping between crypto-assets

  1. From the app's home screen, tap the "Swap" button at the bottom left.

  2. Select the assets you want to swap. For example, swap from Bitcoin (BTC) → Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

  3. Input the amount you'd like to swap. You can enter the amount in the "swap from" or "swap to" asset.

  4. Select the wallet for the asset you'd like to swap into. For example, if you're swapping into Bitcoin Cash, you may want to receive it in your "My BCH Savings" wallet.

  5. Tap the CONFIRM AND SWAP button.

  6. Check the details and slide the button to confirm.

How do I know when my swap has been completed?

A push notification and alert 🔔 in app will let you know you when the swap is confirmed. The time it takes to complete a swap depends on the assets being swapped. For example:

BCH → USDT takes approximately 5-15 seconds.

BCH → BTC takes approximately 10 minutes.

BCH → ETH approximately 10 minutes.

BTC → BCH takes approximately 10 minutes.

BTC → ETH takes approximately 10 minutes.

ETH → BCH takes less than a minute.

ETH → BTC takes less than a minute.

ETH → USDT takes less than a minute.

🔍 The above times are estimations and may vary significantly if the public blockchains are experiencing congestion.

If you are having trouble swapping, this article may help.

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