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Learn the important differences between Bitcoin and

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Summary is a company while Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency. doesn't represent or control Bitcoin.

Understanding the difference between Bitcoin and

Bitcoin itself isn't a company, just like "gold" isn't a company. This means that there isn't any official website that speaks for Bitcoin, just like there isn't an official website representing gold. is building the products that give everyday people access to a vast world of opportunities to generate personal prosperity without limits. Since 2015, has been a global leader in introducing newcomers to cryptocurrency, featuring accessible educational materials, timely and objective news, and easy-to-use fully self-custodial products for buying, spending, trading, investing, and earning with crypto.

Use the multichain Wallet app, trusted by millions to safely and easily send, receive, buy, sell, trade, and manage the most popular cryptocurrencies. does not control or influence Bitcoin in any way. We also do not send, receive, or store bitcoin. only provides the tools you need manage your bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Our website exists for informational purposes only. does not manage Bitcoin transactions. We cannot reverse or refund any transactions sent. Bitcoin is a P2P (peer-to-peer) network. When you send a bitcoin transaction, there is no 3rd party involved; it is a transaction strictly between yourself and the person/company you are transacting with.

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