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You can add additional measures to secure the bitcoins held in your wallet by using a couple of different methods.

First and easiest of all is to set up a 4 digit entry pin from the setting menu (the settings menu can be accessed from the wallets homepage, the is a settings cog in the top right of the screen)
The pin entry can only be set up on mobile devices, and all wallets must be backed up before you can set it up. (Although all users should have their wallets backed up already)

Depending on what device you are using, you may also be able to set up fingerprint recognition to enter the wallet.

You can also set up a "Spending Password" on each of your wallets, once setup this password will need to be entered before any transaction is signed or any personal information such as "private key export" could be accessed. If you forget the password you could still recover any funds by restoring your wallet using the 12-word backup phrase.

If you have access to more than 1 device, then you could set up a "shared wallet" for added security.
A Shared Wallet is a multisig wallet that requires more than 1 wallet to sign the transaction before it would be broadcast to the network. Please remember that to restore a shared wallet, all required signing parties will need their backup phrase to recover the funds. You can set up something like a 2-of-2 or even a 2-of-3 wallet. In cases such as just mentioned, as long as at least 2 people in the shared wallet had access to their backup phrases, the wallet could be restored and the funds could be moved.
Lot's of merchants that accept bitcoin use these wallets so their staff can accept the bitcoin payments, but cannot send any bitcoins out of the wallet with the approval of from a set number of the shared wallet users.
Please see more info on our wallet FAQ page regarding shared wallets.

If you have any further questions regarding securing bitcoins in your wallet. Please email our support team:

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