What are "Shareable Links?"

This is a feature that allows you to send bitcoin cash in the form of a link. The recipient simply clicks on the link to claim the bitcoin cash you sent!

You can provide the link to the recipient in any way you like. For example, you can send it via messaging app (Whatsapp, Line, Telegram, etc.), email, or SMS. If you really wanted to, you could even write the link on a piece of paper and physically hand it over to the recipient.

If the recipient already has theBitcoin.com Wallet, they'll instantly receive the bitcoin cash the moment they open the link. If the recipient doesn't have theBitcoin.com Wallet, they'll be taken to Google Play or the App Store where they can download the Wallet and claim the bitcoin cash you sent.

How to send a Shareable Link

  1. From the app's home screen, tap "SEND."

  2. Select Bitcoin Cash as the asset to send.

  3. Select "Shareable Link" as the sending method.

  4. Enter the amount to send (you can enter the amount in either local currency or bitcoin cash).

  5. Review the transaction, then slide the arrow to confirm.

  6. Select the method for sending the link. You can choose from any of the apps on your phone. For example, if you select WhatsApp, you'll be prompted to choose from your WhatsApp contacts. The contact you select will receive a clickable link in the chat.

What happens if the recipient doesn't open the link?

You can always reclaim the link. To do so, either tap on the link in the chat you sent it in or navigate to the transaction in your wallet's transaction history and select "Check status" > "Reclaim funds."

Other things to note about Shareable Links

When you create a Shareable Link, you're effectively setting aside an amount of bitcoin cash temporarily. The amount you set aside leaves your wallet as soon as you create the link, but it won't be received until someone claims the link. For this reason, the dollar-value amount of the bitcoin cash you sent may have changed by the time the recipient claims it. In bitcoin cash terms though, the amount sent will not change.

⚠️ Note that anyone who clicks the link can claim the bitcoin cash you sent - so, unless you want to give away some bitcoin cash, don't post the link publicly.

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