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How to Buy and Mint Your Verse Voyager NFT
How to Buy and Mint Your Verse Voyager NFT

Step-by-step instructions to purchase and create a Verse Voyager NFT

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Step 1: Acquire MATIC

The Verse Voyager NFT collection lives on the Polygon blockchain. MATIC is the primary token used on the Polygon network for transaction fees and other network interactions. You will need some MATIC to cover transaction fees associated with purchasing and creating your Verse Voyager NFT.

  • Purchase MATIC: You can buy MATIC directly from our app

  • Swap for MATIC: If you have other cryptocurrencies, you can swap them for MATIC directly in our app or on the Verse DEX if your wallet is already funded with other cryptocurrencies.

Step 2: Get VERSE on Polygon (fxVERSE)

VERSE on Polygon (fxVERSE) is required to purchase Verse Voyager NFTs. If you don't already have fxVERSE, the easiest way to get some is to swap into it using's decentralized exchange Verse DEX. You can connect to the Verse DEX directly in the Wallet app by going to Verse Explorer > Verse Dex > Swap. You can also connect to Verse DEX with any web3 wallet (eg. Metamask) or by using WalletConnect.

Once you have MATIC, you will need to swap a portion for VERSE on Polygon (fxVERSE). fxVERSE is required to purchase the Verse Voyager NFTs.

  • Perform the Swap: Use Verse DEX to exchange any Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche or BNB Smart Chain token in your wallet for VERSE on Polygon (fxVERSE).

  • If you are swapping MATIC to fxVERSE, remember to retain some MATIC in your wallet to cover transaction fees later on.

Step 3: Mint Your NFT

  • Visit the Minting Page: Go to the designated NFT minting page at (purchases available from April 24th 2024 onward).

  • Mint Your NFT: Use your newly acquired fxVERSE to mint your Verse Voyager NFT. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the transaction.

You can watch the video tutorial below for a visual guide on how to mint an NFT:

Step 4: Optional Steps

After minting your NFT, you have a couple of optional steps depending on your preferences and the features offered:

  • Re-roll for Different Traits: If the option is available and you're not satisfied with the traits of your NFT, you can use additional fxVERSE to re-spin for different traits.

  • Mint Multiple NFTs: If you desire more than one NFT and have sufficient fxVERSE, you can repeat the minting process to acquire additional NFTs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if the transaction doesn't go through or is pending after paying for a re-spin?

Don't worry! The re-spin is automatically applied to your character (even if the website is closed) as soon as the transaction is confirmed on the Polygon blockchain. In order to prevent pending transactions and ensure transactions go through faster, we recommend that you set the gas fee to "high."

Note that there is a small chance that your new trait is the same as the old trait; in this case you won't see any changes. This is because our system is completely random (powered by Chainlink VRF).

How much do re-spins cost?

Your first re-spin is free and is included with the purchase of your Voyager. The second re-spin will be 600 fxVERSE, then 1200 -> 3000 -> 8000 -> 16k -> 26k -> 40k -> 100k -> 150k -> 200k -> 500k. Make sure you have MATIC in your wallet to cover the gas fees for re-spins.

My re-spin transaction appears stuck in a loading state

This is likely due to sudden gas spikes in the Polygon network. To prevent this, always set the fee to “Fastest” before you slide to confirm a transaction (it will still only cost a few pennies).

I can’t sign in with my wallet to the Voyager minting page in the Wallet app

Verse Explorer in the Wallet app is still in beta. If you are having trouble connecting to the Verse Voyager minting dApp within the Wallet app, please try connecting to the desktop version of

What is the contract address of the Verse Voyagers NFT?

Please do not send sends directly to the above contract.

Where can I trade Verse Voyager NFTs?

Secondary markets including OpenSea here support trading of Verse Voyager NFTs.

I participated in the Verse token sale. How do I claim my Verse Voyager NFT airdrop?

You will need to connect to the Verse Voyager dApp using the Polygon version of the same wallet address as the Ethereum wallet you used to purchase in the Verse token sale. To do this via the Wallet app, you will need to import your Ethereum wallet to the Wallet app, but as a Polygon wallet. Here's how to do that:

1. Open the wallet app

2. Press on the Funds tab on the bottom navigation menu

3. Press “+ Import wallet”

4. Set “Asset type” to Polygon

5. Type in the recovery phrase for the same wallet you used in the Verse token sale

6. Connect to the Verse Voyager NFT dApp using your newly created Polygon wallet (which will have the same address as the Ethereum wallet you used to purchase in the Verse token sale)

Additional Support

If you encounter any issues or have questions during the minting process, please out directly to our support team for assistance at We're here to help ensure that your experience is smooth and enjoyable.

By following these steps, you will be well on your way to owning a unique Verse Voyager NFT. We look forward to seeing you participate in this exciting venture within the Verse ecosystem!

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