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What is Verse Staking?
What is Verse Staking?
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Verse Staking is a programme to reward long-term holders of VERSE. Users may stake their VERSE in the smart contract to earn rewards.


Why should I use it?

Instead of holding VERSE in your wallet, you can stake your VERSE to earn rewards.

Is it safe?

The VERSE Staking contract has been audited by Certik here:

You may review our other security audits here:

How are Verse Farms and Verse Staking different?

Verse Farms are designed to incentivize market participants to add liquidity to pools on Verse DEX. Liquidity is essential for enabling decentralized trading. Contributors to liquidity pools must deposit equal amounts of two assets, exposing these market participants to the risk of impermanent loss. Verse Farms rewards help to offset this risk.
Verse Staking, which is designed to reward long-term holders of VERSE, requires depositing only a single asset, VERSE, meaning there is no risk of impermanent loss.

How to stake

Here's how to stake VERSE using the Wallet:

  1. In your mobile browser, head over to and connect your Wallet.

  2. Hit the Stake VERSE button, enter the amount to stake, then press Confirm Deposit.

  3. Confirm the transaction in your Wallet and you’re done!

Staking rewards will accrue automatically and you can withdraw at any time without penalty.

For more information on Verse DEX, including step-by-step instructions, please see this article.

I have a question not answered here

Please reach out to us at, or by tapping on the green chat icon in the bottom right corner of the screen with your question and we will respond as soon as we can.

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