What is "Unstoppable Domains"?

Unstoppable Domains is a San Francisco-based company providing domain name extensions that are tied to a blockchain rather than to the traditional Domain Name System (DNS). Specifically, Unstoppable Domains manages .crypto extensions (that are tied to the Ethereum blockchain) and .zil extensions (that are tied to the Zilliqa blockchain). This means you can create and own, for example, brad.crypto or brad.zil and that those domain names will be registered on public blockchains rather than in the private databases of traditional domain name registry services.

What are the advantages of domain names that live on public blockchains?

The advantages derived from the fact that blockchains are decentralized. This has a number of implications.

First, when you buy, for example, brad.crypto, you own it forever. That's because what you're actually buying is a non-fungible token (NFT) that lives on the Ethereum blockchain. By contrast, if you buy brad.com, you're leasing access to the name from an organization called Verisign that manages lists of domain names and houses them on servers it controls. That's why you have to pay every year to renew a .com domain name.

A related benefit is that, since you truly own and possess (have custody of) the NFT/domain name, if you'd like to transfer the domain name to someone else, you can do it instantly just by sending the NFT to another address. In the traditional DNS world, by contrast, you'd have to wait - sometimes months - until an intermediary clears your transfer.

The other key implication of having your domain name live on a public blockchain is that you have greater assurances that it won't be censored. While .com domain names are subject to legal actions and regional blocking (eg. China's Great Firewall), domain names that live on a public blockchain are effectively impossible to take down or block.

What can you do with your 'Unstoppable Domain'?

Currently, the main use case is to associate any number of hard-to-read cryptocurrency addresses to a single human-readable domain name. For example, if you buy the domain name brad.crypto, you can tie your Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and other cryptocurrency addresses to it. People using supported wallets can then send any of those cryptocurrencies to you by entering brad.crypto in the send field rather than having to enter the usual long alphanumeric string for each individual cryptocurrency.

Technically, you can also build a website and have your unstoppable domain point to it. However, because your website's content must be hosted using decentralized hosting infrastructure such as IPFS (Interplanetary File System), and because that infrastructure is still nascent, using a .crypto domain for your website is not yet practical for most people. That being said, Web 3.0 infrastructure is rapidly expanding, with, for example, new offerings like Filecoin potentially competing with the likes of Amazon Web Services. Therefore, it's possible that deploying websites on the decentralized web will be both user-friendly and commonplace in the near to mid-term future. This would mean that you could own and custody a domain name that lives on a public blockchain and have it point to a website that is hosted on a decentralized web infrastructure.

How to buy an Unstoppable Domain using the Bitcoin.com Wallet

  1. From the home screen, tap on the Discover icon

  2. Scroll down to the Services section

  3. Select Unstoppable Domains and tap "Launch Service"

  4. In the search bar, enter the domain you'd like to purchase. Eg. Smile.crypto. If the domain is available, the price will be listed. Most .crypto domains are available for $40 while .zil domains are available for $20. As mentioned above, .crypto domains live on the Ethereum blockchain while .zil domains live on the Zilliqa blockchain. Premium names (typically those with less characters) are more expensive and many have been temporarily reserved by Unstoppable Domains.

  5. Create an account and complete your payment

How to claim your Unstoppable Domain

Buying a .crypto domain from Unstoppabledomains.com is like buying cryptocurrency on a centralized cryptocurrency exchange: you have a claim to the cryptocurrency, but you haven't actually taken custody of it (not your keys, not your coins). Therefore, in order to take possession of your domain, you need to transfer it from Unstoppable Domains to an address you hold the key to. Remember, your Unstoppable Domain is actually a non-fungible token (NFT). If you bought a .crypto domain, your NFT lives on the Ethereum blockchain, so you need to transfer it to an Ethereum wallet. If you bought a .zil domain, your NFT lives on the Zilliqa blockchain, so you need to transfer it to a Zilliqa wallet. Here's the process for claiming your Unstoppable Domain NFT:

  1. On unstoppabledomains.com, tap on the menu at the top left.

  2. Select My Domains

  3. When you scroll down, you should see your purchased domain and the option to "CLAIM WITH ETH" or "BUY CLAIM CREDIT." For the "CLAIM WITH ETH" option, you'll need to pay the gas fees yourself to claim your NFT. If you tap "BUY CLAIM CREDIT," you'll pay $40 (via the payment method of your choice) to Unstoppable Domains, who will then manage the gas fees for the transaction on your behalf. Note that Unstoppable Domains expects to integrate a layer 2 scaling solution in the second half of 2021. This solution is expected to drastically reduce the cost of claiming and interacting with your Unstoppable Domain NFT.

  4. Next, you'll need to confirm your identity by entering the code sent to your email by Unstoppable Domains

  5. The next step is to choose your wallet for claiming. Unfortunately, at this time, you can't use the Bitcoin.com Wallet to claim your Unstoppable Domains NFT, so you'll need to use one of the supported wallets, which are as follows:

  1. After selecting your wallet, you'll initiate a transaction to send your NFT to your address. Once that transaction has been completed, you've successfully claimed your Unstoppable Domains NFT!

How to set up your Unstoppable Domain as a payment gateway

Once you've claimed your Unstoppable Domain, you'll have the option to associate your cryptocurrency addresses to it. If you add your Bitcoin and Ethereum addresses, for example, people will be able to send Bitcoin and Ethereum to your human-readable Unstoppable Domain address rather than having to input your alphanumeric Bitcoin and Ethereum addresses. Here's the process for adding receiving addresses to your Unstoppable Domain:

  1. On unstoppabledomains.com, tap on the menu at the top left.

  2. Select My Domains

  3. Click the "MANAGE" button for the domain you'd like to manage

  4. Enter an address for each cryptocurrency you'd like to associate with your domain. For example, you can enter your Bitcoin address, your Bitcoin Cash address, and your Ethereum address.

  5. Click the "SAVE CHANGES" button.

  6. Choose either Web3 wallet or WalletConnect

  7. Sign the transaction*

*Note that when you sign the transaction, you'll need to pay the network fee yourself unless you've purchased a CLAIM CREDIT from Unstoppable Domains. In that case, the update may take as long as 72 hours.

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