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Pending Transactions (BCH)
Pending Transactions (BCH)

Why my BCH tx is pending?

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Why is my transaction pending?

Although your wallet balance is updated immediately, your transaction will remain listed as 'pending' until at least one miner has included it in a block.

How long will my transaction be listed as pending?

In the vast majority of cases, the longest your transaction will remain listed as pending is about 10 minutes.

Do I have to wait for pending transactions to be confirmed?

If you're sending bitcoin cash to a wallet that supports 'zero confirmations' (like the Wallet app), you don't have to wait. The recipient's balance will be updated immediately, and they'll be able to use the bitcoin cash as normal. However, if you're sending bitcoin cash to a cryptocurrency exchange, in most cases you'll have to wait until your transaction has been confirmed by several Bitcoin Cash miners (the exact number depends on the exchange). This means you likely have to wait from between 10-60 minutes for the exchange to recognize your bitcoin cash deposit.

Can I speed up my Bitcoin Cash transaction?

Because the Bitcoin Cash blockchain has ample block space, all broadcasted transactions are confirmed within the next block. This means there's no need to increase the transaction fee (which is always set to 1 satoshi/byte), and all transactions are confirmed at about the same rate.

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