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Getting Started: not responsible.

Please understand that Bitcoin itself isn't a company, just like "gold" isn't a company - this means that there isn't any official website that speaks for Bitcoin, just like there isn't an official website representing gold.

Our website,, is simply an informative site about Bitcoin, and we also offer our services to Bitcoin users. We do our best to put lots of information online for people. Still, we can't assist with any specific company or Bitcoin wallet (other than the wallet). doesn't control Bitcoin in any way. We also don't send, receive, or store any bitcoins. only provides links to sources that will help you open bitcoin wallets or buy bitcoins from other companies. has nothing to do with Bitcoin transactions; our website exists for informational purposes only. We cannot reverse or refund any transactions sent.

Bitcoin (BCH/BTC) is a P2P (peer-to-peer) network. When you send a bitcoin transaction, there is no 3rd party involved; it is a transaction strictly between yourself and the person/company you are transacting with.

However, we have an active community of users who want to help people that ask questions on our forum, so if you ask your question over there, someone may be able to offer you advice. The best route for you to take in this instance would be to contact the company or individual you were initially dealing with as they are the only ones that can assist you.

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