A majority of SLP token builders have migrated their projects to smartBCH. In support of community consensus. Bitcoin.com will be deprecating support for SLP. After June 13th, you’ll no longer be able to see SLP balances in your wallet. Please bridge your SLP tokens as soon as possible. This article explains the process. For information about SLP support in the Bitcoin.com Exchange, please refer to this guide.

How to bridge flexUSD-SLP

What to do with USDT-SLP

How to bridge other SLP tokens to SEP-20

What about SLP tokens that can’t be bridged to smartBCH?

Donating SLP tokens to charity

How to bridge flexUSD-SLP

The easiest way to bridge flexUSD is to send it to the Bitcoin.com Exchange. FlexUSD held on the Bitcoin.com Exchange will continue to earn interest automatically.

You can withdraw flexUSD-SLP from the Bitcoin.com Exchange until May 26th, although you’ll need to withdraw it to a wallet that continues to support SLP tokens. After that date, you’ll have the choice of withdrawing to smartBCH or Ethereum, with more networks coming soon.

Once on the Bitcoin.com Exchange, you can of course trade your flexUSD into another cryptoasset.

Here’s the process for bridging flexUSD-SLP by sending it to the Bitcoin.com Exchange:

1. If you don’t already have an account set up, head over to exchange.bitcoin.com to register. It takes just a few moments to create your Exchange account. Please note that Bitcoin.com Exchange is a custodial service. Read more on the difference between custodial and non-custodial cryptoasset wallets here.

2. Login to exchange.bitcoin.com.

3. From the Wallet & Order drop-down menu (top-right), select Deposit.

4. In the Deposit screen, select flexUSD from the Coin drop-down menu. Ensure that you’ve selected SLP as the Deposit Network. This will display your flexUSD-SLP address:

5. From the Bitcoin.com Wallet’s home screen, tap SEND and select flexUSD as the asset to send.

6. On the send screen, select Scan a QR code and point your device at the QR code that is displayed on the Deposit screen of your Bitcoin.com Exchange account (see step 4 above). Note that you can also copy/paste the flexUSD SLP address from your Bitcoin.com Exchange account.

7. Review the transaction details shown in your Bitcoin.com Wallet and slide the arrow to confirm.

What to do with USDT-SLP

For holders of USDT-SLP tokens, we recommend sending them to Bitfinex Exchange. From there, you’ll be able to withdraw USDT ERC-20 to your Bitcoin.com Wallet, or trade for another crypto like BCH/ETH/BTC and withdraw to your Bitcoin.com Wallet.

If you’re having issues sending USDT-SLP to Bitfinex, please contact Bitfinex Customer Support here.

How to bridge other SLP tokens to SEP-20

@SpiceTippingBot on Telegram provides a bridge that enables people to bridge the following SLP tokens to SEP-20 tokens:

[Token Symbol | SLP Token ID | SLP-to-SEP20 Swap Ratio]

HAM | 6ef92fa35cf791a6ae26fab62c16a9a9780c7520fd2366e2125b17bb8e968d7f | 5:1

SBS | 419ce621b69abf5877141135ae7c3f1f51ed311888c004df3c28aaae2198242d | 1:10

ARG | de4612dee9a212ce6e385ad0e7b3a4566324119c532a48eb921de7999ca553be | 1:1

CYFROG | c8947a3c68dfa4c1c4f5112132b6518aff9b9aa42d823780f52b06c2faf7005e | 1:1

JOY | 2624df798d76986231c7acb0f6923f537223da44ba6e25171186ab4056a58b64 | 1:1

SPICE | 4de69e374a8ed21cbddd47f2338cc0f479dc58daa2bbe11cd604ca488eca0ddf | 2:1

PTS | 648474150a48fe081547d7dab63852535fb5b7563f80affc5eee0f7e7cf00560 | 1:1

WRS | b4ab2f6b036080e5a56398a9d7585c05e0c60fc6e09e64329f811ee8310d5c1e | 5:1

CANDYMAN | ba4805a9e90c5d51dc309d1b82748ec238726ce3066271f4743801ee15a1fc7c | 5:1

ORB | a013d636dcadc71f7e11d7880e9e8b62295e772cf1a24180f74d0eca62604136 | 1:1

KTH | 80c88b118cc6bfdd4d759a234bf17e9b5d3f5b56afec5366461b9d7f9fb335f4 | 1:12.

What about SLP tokens that can’t be bridged to smartBCH?

SLP tokens live inside BCH transactions. This means that even when the Bitcoin.com Wallet deprecates support for SLP tokens, those tokens will continue to exist as part of the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. You can simply move those SLP tokens to another wallet via the Wallet’s send function. We recommend sending your SLP tokens to wallets that plan to continue support for SLP. These include the following:

Donating SLP tokens to charity

If you’d like to donate your remaining SLP tokens to charity, we recommend sending them to eatBCH, which provides food for local organizations who prepare it and deliver meals to people in need. You can send SLP tokens to eatBCH at the following address:


You can also donate Bitcoin Cash to eatBCH, at this address:


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