Whitelisting is a security feature that limits your account to withdraw only to the designated address(es) in your whitelist.

Once you enabled the whitelist, you will have 12 hours to add one whitelisted address for each digital asset.

Your withdrawal will be suspended for 48 hours if you:

  • add more than one address for the same digital asset during the first 12 hours; or

  • add any new address after the first 12 hours; or

  • disable your whitelist.

Please note that this whitelist will not block transfers between master account & sub-accounts.


1. Log in to your Bitcoin.com Exchange US account.

2. Go to the Settings -> Whitelist tab.

3. Click Enable Whitelist.

4. Click Add New

5. Select the Asset, enter a Nickname & the Address you would like to whitelist, then click Confirm.

6. You can also add multiple whitelist addresses for the digital asset by clicking Add address. Click "X" to the right to delete the line.

7. You will receive a confirmation email, click the link in the email to confirm the new address. Confirmed addresses will be highlighted in black and unconfirmed addresses will be in gray and have a "!" next to them.

8. Withdrawals will be unavailable for your account for 48 hours, after which you can only withdraw to the whitelisted addresses.

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