Please note that we will use the name & address on your US Exchange account to initiate the bank transfer, you will not be able to withdraw USD to other person's bank account. If you have changed your address, please email with Proof of Address document (e.g. utility bill, tax return, driver's license) for the new address.

You must ensure your main account (see What is the Main Account?) has sufficient USD balance for the withdrawal before submitting your withdrawal request, otherwise your request will be rejected.

To initiate a USD withdrawal, please complete one of the forms below depending on your withdrawal method, and send it to from your US Exchange account's email address.

Wire Transfer (US Domestic)

Bank Name

Bank Address


Bank Account Number

Withdrawal Amount ($)

Wire Transfer (International)

Bank Name

Bank Address


Bank Account Number

Withdrawal Amount ($)


Signet USD Wallet Address

Withdrawal Amount ($)

Please note that a withdrawal fee might be deducted from your withdrawal amount and the withdrawal speed may vary depending on your withdrawal method:

Withdrawal Method

Withdrawal Fee

Processing Time1

Estimated Arrival2

Wire Transfer (US Domestic)


1 Business Day


0 - 1 Business Day

Wire Transfer (International)3


0 - 2 Business Days




¹Once your withdrawal request is received, US Exchange will review the request and inform you the result before the end of the next business day.

²After US Exchange sent the withdrawal request to our bank, the estimated wait time before the funds arriving at your bank account may vary depending on the originating/destination/intermediary banks.

³Only available for institutional clients.

⁴Only available for institutional clients on Signet.

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