Thank you for creating an SLP Token with In order to provide a pleasant experience for all users, please refrain from uploading the following content. Any violation of these policies will lead to automatic cancellation of your request.

  • Adult Themed Content - All content must be acceptable to be seen by the general public. Please refrain from uploading violent, offensive, or sexual content.

  • Duplicate Tokens - Tokens that impersonate, copy, or claim to be a pre-existing token will be removed immediately. Unique and creative designs are encouraged.

  • Misrepresentation - Tokens must be submitted by the owner or creator of the token.

  • Offensive Language - Any tokens containing offensive language will be removed immediately.

  • Abuse - Any tokens containing or advocating any form of abuse will be removed immediately.

  • Scams - Any token that our moderators deem to be a scam, dishonest, or misleading will be removed immediately.

  • Advertisements- Please refrain from submitting logos that contain advertisements, logos, or overt branding.

For more information regarding Token submissions, please contact

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