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November 15, 2020 Bitcoin Cash Network Upgrade
November 15, 2020 Bitcoin Cash Network Upgrade
A summary of what to expect during the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Network Upgrade
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Updated over a week ago What to expect from the Bitcoin Cash network upgrade

The Bitcoin Cash network will undergo a scheduled network upgrade for this Sunday, November 15, 2020.

Scheduled upgrades to the Bitcoin Cash network have occurred every 6 months, with the aim of building a peer-to-peer online currency viable as global money with fast payments, micro fees, privacy, and high transaction capacity.

For this upcoming network upgrade, there are two competing proposals for the direction in which the network should continue to build in order to achieve this goal of global money. will be closely monitoring the situation up until the time of the network upgrade, with our #1 priority being to minimize disruption and providing our users with the best cryptocurrency experience possible.

As has no control over the time in which the upgrade will be completed, we have determined that the best course of action will be to pause Bitcoin Cash transactions in the wallet from Sunday, November 15, 11 AM GMT until it is clear that network conditions have normalized.

When will sending and receiving be re-enabled?, along with other cryptocurrency exchanges and services will reactivate full support for Bitcoin Cash as soon as the network stabilizes. We will be monitoring the upgrade closely to ensure minimal downtime.

How can I get past this security measure? recommends users wait until the network stabilizes. In the event that a user needs to still send their Bitcoin Cash during this network upgrade, and understands the risks, we recommend using Electron Cash ( to import your private seeds (12-word mnemonics) into their application to send using their software.

What will happen if there are two Bitcoin Cash chains?

Only one chain will be Bitcoin Cash and retain the ticker BCH, following the network upgrade. This will be determined by the longest proof of work, which will be determined by which software the miners choose to run. The other chain will eventually be given a new name and ticker. View our video which explains how chain splits occur:

Which chain will the Wallet support? will support the version of BCH which retains the longest proof of work. Other cryptocurrencies will only be added after careful consideration from our team.

How do I split my coins?

You can check the link below on how you will be able to split your coins. The option below are confirmed safe and useable to our users.

How does pause Bitcoin Cash?

The connection between your wallet client on ios/android to our wallet backend server which runs our global network of nodes will temporarily be restricted. As soon as our backend flags to the wallet clients that “all is clear”, your Bitcoin Cash wallet will reconnect and things will proceed as normal.

Are my funds safe? Wallet is a fully non-custodial wallet. Only you hold the private keys, which are required to send transactions. So long as you have access to your private keys, your funds will be safe.

Currently, there are two verified ways of splitting your Bitcoin Cash BCHA coins from your Bitcoin Cash (BCH):

1. Deposit coins to Coinex which will split your coins allowing you to withdraw your BCH back into your Wallet

2. Use - For advanced users

3. Other splitting methods are available using Electron Cash, we recommend contacting their team for instructions.

Please note that is not responsible for 3rd party services or tools. We encourage every user to do your own research and practice extreme caution when trying to split your coins.

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