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How can I sell my BCH/BTC using
How can I sell my BCH/BTC using

This article will help you to sell your Bitcoins (BCH/BTC) fast and easy.

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How can I sell my Bitcoins?

You can get started by going to and select the type of currency that you wish to sell from the first drop-down menu.

Example: You would like to sell 0.1 BTC, just select the type of coin that you have and type in the amount that you wish to sell.

This will provide you an estimate on how much, in fiat currency (e.g. USD), you will receive from selling it.

Click "Sell Now" to proceed to the next step.

On the next screen, you will need to enter a Valid Wallet address where you can receive your bitcoins in full If in case we cannot process your sale for any reason. You can enter your wallet address where you are selling it from.

**(Please note: This is only the wallet address where you need to receive the Bitcoin if the sell transaction gets failed, it would be advisable to enter the same wallet address where the funds are coming from.)

***(Reminder! Enter a BCH wallet address if you are selling BCH and enter a BTC wallet address if you are selling BTC). We are not liable if you mistakenly put BCH when receiving BTC or vice-versa.

Once you have entered a Valid Wallet address proceed in clicking "Sell Now"

You will proceed to the next page where it will ask you to create your MoonPay account.
If you already signed up, you can just enter the email address that you gave to MoonPay when Making a purchase before.

Once finished, you will be then asked to go through the MoonPay Identity check process or Identity Verification process.

If you haven't done it already. You will have to provide your Full Legal Name, Present and Active Residential Address, Active Mobile Number, Email address, and an acceptable form of Identification.

You can read more about the identity verification process here

Once you have successfully passed MoonPay's identity check process. You will be asked to select a withdrawal method and enter your bank account details - this is where MoonPay will send the funds from selling your Bitcoins.

Click "Sell Now" to proceed.

On the next screen, click "See Deposit Instructions." You will receive the wallet address and QR code where you can send the Bitcoins that you are selling.

Finally, send the specified amount of Bitcoins that you which to sell.
Please note: Enter the original amount that you have entered on the first page. (e.g. 0.1 BTC)

**Any amount that is more / lower than the entered amount can lead to a declined/failed transaction.

**Remember to scan the QR code and send the bitcoins first, for the whole process to continue. Your transaction will not move or proceed if you fail to deposit your Bitcoins there. You will need to do it manually and will not automatically deduct your bitcoins from your wallet app.**

Once MoonPay receives the Bitcoins that you have sent via scanning of the QR code, MoonPay will send you a bank transfer shortly. You can monitor the progress of your transaction on the final screen.

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