Airdrop per participant: 1000 UPT

Promotion period: 07/02/2020 12:00 PM (UTC) - 13/02/2020 12:00 PM (UTC)

Earn 1000 UPT by following these steps:

1. Follow @BitcoincomExch and @UPPlatform on Twitter

2. Retweet and like our post

3. Join our Telegram channel 

4. If you haven't already, sign up for a Exchange account.

5. Complete this form with your:

  • Twitter handle

  • Telegram username

  • Email address of your Exchange account

 Terms & Conditions:

  1. Participants must have a Exchange account, and have successfully followed all of the steps described above to be eligible. Proceed with sign up - here.

  2. Participants must not change their Twitter/Telegram username within 5 days after the end of the promotion, as we need this to recognise you as a follower to confirm eligibility.

  3. One airdrop per person only.

  4. One entry per participant only. Any participants with multiple entries will be disqualified from the airdrop.

  5. Bots and fake users are not eligible for the airdrop.

  6. Rewards will be distributed within 5 days from the end of the promotion. All rewards will be distributed directly to the eligible Exchange accounts and will not be confirmed in a further announcement. You will be able to login and see your rewards via Reports > Deposits and Withdrawal History.

  7. The 1000 UPT Airdrop Promotion is hosted by FMFW Ltd (the “ Exchange”). The Exchange reserves the right to cancel the promotion or amend its terms or conditions unilaterally without prior notification. 

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