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Funds not showing (BCH)
Funds not showing (BCH)
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Please check your receiving address here to ensure that the Bitcoin Cash transaction has indeed been sent. If it has not then you will need to contact the sending party and ask them why. If the transaction has been sent then please read below.

Steps to check for missing Bitcoin Cash (BCH) funds

Note: The information below applies only to the Wallet app.

We do not control the private keys to your Wallet (as noted during wallet set up, private keys are generated and stored solely on your device) so we are unable to assist with moving any funds to or from any wallet. However, if you cannot see the funds in your wallet please do the following:

  • Select your BCH wallet -> Tap on the Settings icon (three dots) -> Scan for missing transactions -> Scan for transactions

If you still cannot see the funds after following the instructions above please email us the following information in text format:

  1. The BCH address you were expecting to receive the payment to

  2. A screenshot of your wallet's 'Home' screen

  3. A screenshot of your "Wallet Information" screen; this can be found in Settings -> Your Wallet (BCH) -> Wallet Information.

Please note that the address must be sent as text, not as a screenshot, otherwise we will not be able to copy it.

Please also have a read of our Bitcoin FAQ pages.

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