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Using the SideShift BTC to BCH Feature
Using the SideShift BTC to BCH Feature
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Using the SideShift BTC to BCH Feature allows users to trade Bitcoin (BTC) for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) or vice-versa, just follow the simple steps below:

If trading BCH for BTC, please follow the same instructions but swapping BCH for BTC where needed

1. From your wallet app homepage, please select the "Discover" tab by clicking the four small boxes at the bottom of the screen

2. Select "Start SideShift AI"

3. Now make sure you are converting the correct currencies, BTC to BCH or vice versa, you can change the currency by tapping on either of their logos. 

4. Next, paste the address you would like to receive the shifted funds to in the black box at the bottom of the screen

5. Now just tap shift directly under the black box you just pasted your address into.

Please be sure to take note of the minimum and maximum amount accepted by SideShift that will be displayed on the next screen

6. Once you have entered the final confirmation screen you are advised to check all details including the minimum amount. 

You will also see the SideShift Order number at the top of the screen, please save this as you may need it for future reference. 

7. If all is correct, all you need to do is send your (BTC) to the Bitcoin address located underneath the QR code on screen, alternatively you can just scan the QR code to initiate the transaction. 

8. You should see the new BTC appear in your account after the first confirmation has been received on the blockchain.

If you have any problems receiving the coins you shifted on SideShift, please contact their support team on the email address below. Please make sure to provide them with the SideShift Order number.

If you have any disputes regarding not receiving your order please contact the support team at SideShift with your order number:

SideShift support email:

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