How can I avoid accidentally losing or burning SLP tokens?

The most important thing you need to know is that you should not use a non-SLP wallet on a wallet that has tokens on it. If you do this, the non-SLP wallet may end up spending the coin (the UTXO) that contains the tokens. This effectively deletes the tokens as those coins are merged back into their parent coin type of BCH.

For example, once you have tokens on the Wallet for iOS or Android (version 6.0+), you should not share that wallet seed with other non-SLP supported wallets. 

What about the Desktop Wallet?

The Desktop Wallet does not currently support SLP tokens.

If you are planning on using SLP tokens on the Mobile Wallet app for iOS and Android, we do not recommend sharing access to wallet seeds with the Desktop version of Wallet. The latest 6.0 release of the Wallet supports SLP, while the Desktop Version (5.13) currently does not. While our backend will soon take precautions to prevent those UTXO's from being mis-spent on the Desktop version of wallet, we recommend those who store SLP tokens, particularly those traded on exchanges, to practice strict separation between SLP compatible wallets and non-SLP compatible wallets.

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