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Where do i find the transaction ID (txid)
Where do i find the transaction ID (txid)
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When viewing a bitcoin (BCH/BTC) address on the block explorer, you will see the detail for up to the last 10 transaction listed below, if you have more than 10 transactions from the address you are searching, then those will be listed on the next pages.

The transaction details you will see are:

Date Transaction ID Confirmations Inputs # Outputs # Amount Fees Fees per byte Size (kB)

Please note that although you can copy the transaction ID link from here, you cannot copy the whole transaction ID number.
To copy the whole txid number, just click on the transaction you want and then click on the small "clipboard" icon at the end of the transaction ID.

Transaction ID's can be very handy to use as they contain all the information related to that transaction, everything from:

  • How many confirmations the transaction has

  • What block it was included in

  • What address the funds came from,

  • The address the funds were sent and also what address the change was sent to.

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