The Pool app group function allows you to quickly organize mining activity. Your workers (hardware mining the blockchain) can be sorted and filtered by the specific groups you create, helping you to monitor your account more easily.

To create and use a new group, follow these simple steps:

  • Open the Pool app and select the ‘Workers’ tab.

  • Here you’ll see two fixed lists called ‘All,’ which includes all of your workers, and ‘Ungrouped,’ which includes workers you have not yet added to a group.

  • Select ‘Add New’ and, after naming the group, tap save. This creates a new group to which you can now add your chosen workers.

  • To add workers, return to the ‘All’ or ‘Ungrouped’ list. Tap ‘Select’ and then choose the workers you want to add to your new group.

  • Once they’re all selected, tap ‘Move’ and select the new group as the destination. The chosen workers will now appear in this group, and will no longer appear under the ‘Ungrouped’ list.

Once created, you can easily edit or delete groups:

  • In the ‘Workers’ tab, swipe right on your chosen group.

  • You can select ‘Rename’ to change the group name, or ‘Delete’ to remove the group entirely.

  • Workers listed in groups that get deleted will reappear in the ‘Ungrouped’ list.

  • Regardless of whether they’ve been added to a group or not, your workers will always appear in the ‘All’ list.

If these steps don’t work or you need guidance with something else related to the Pool, reach out to our support team. We’re on hand to help!


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