If you wish to remove two-factor authentication from an account you will need to provide us with details to prove that you are the rightful owner of the account.

Please email us (from your registered email address) the following information (if available) to pool@bitcoin.com:

  • Your username

  • Your bitcoin withdrawal address, if set.

  • Details of any recent withdrawals from your Bitcoin.com Pool account.

  • Transaction IDs and/or bitcoin addresses you used for purchasing cloud mining contracts.

  • A signed message using a bitcoin address which you sent funds from to buy a cloud mining contract.

After you provide us with the correct information, there will be a 1 week waiting period before we remove your 2FA.

If there is a successful login into your account during this waiting period, we will not remove your 2FA.

If you can provide a signed message using the address you sent payment from or the address you withdraw to we can remove 2FA immediately.

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