Blockchain transactions are not reversible.

Before initiating a transaction, please make sure that the destination address contains no typos or mistakes.

If you have accidentally sent a deposit to a wrong address, your coins are most certainly lost forever. For example, if you send BCH to a BTC address, your deposit will not be recoverable.

However, if you accidentally deposit one currency to another’s address, we are most likely able to help you. For example, sending BTC to USDT address - these kinds of mistakes are reversible.

Nevertheless, correction of such mistakes requires quite an amount of labour of several people. This is a manual process which has high risks and takes time. Here’s how we handle it:

  • The mistakenly sent deposit is being credited to your account within 3 monthsafter we confirm that it’s possible to recover it;
  • The equivalent of $100 is being deducted from the amount of that deposit.


Some transactions can not be recovered. Please contact our Support Team to find out the possibility of your deposit recovery.

If you have sent your deposit to a wrong address, please send us message via the chat function on the bottom right of this page.

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