You can be playing in just a couple of seconds! We do not wait for any confirmations before funding your account. As soon as your deposit transaction is detected on the Bitcoin network, your account will be credited.

You can use any Bitcoin wallet to deposit funds into your account. In the top right of your screen is a Green Button that says "Deposit":

Simply send Bitcoins to that address and your account will be credited within a few seconds.

Buy Bitcoin 💳

You can also fund your account by Buying Bitcoins directly using your credit card powered by MoonPay by clicking the Buy Bitcoin Button quick and easy.

How do I view my purchase history? 💬

1. Tap the Deposit Icon on the top right portion of the page, Click “Buy Bitcoin”.
2. Look for an icon in the top-right corner with 3 horizontal green lines. Tap that icon.
3. If you’re not already signed in, please sign in using the email that you used when making the purchase and enter the verification code that is sent to your email inbox
4. Tap Trade History
5. View your trade history

Also, we have an FAQ available on the site that explains how to deposit and provides much more information, I would recommend checking it out 👍

Cash games FAQ:
Games FAQ:

If you need further assistance, please let us know! 😄

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